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Tips to remember when traveling.

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Make sure you have these items in your suitcase.

So you've booked your holiday getaway and memorized the weather forecast for every hour. Then the small matter of what to pack and how to fit everything in the suitcase.

Here are some tips to help you along the way!


You cannot afford to travel without these items. Make sure you have your passport and various travel documents safe in your hand luggage. It’s also worth making a copy before you travel in case anything goes missing.

These are the essentials you can't forget in your hand luggage or suitcase:

1) Passport

2) Insurance documents

3) Boarding pass

4) Visa documents

5) Any other holiday documentation

6) Driving licence

7) Phone

8) Phone charger

9) Plug adaptors

10) Purse and travel money

11) Keys

12) Laptop or tablet

13) Charger for laptop

14) Headphones


From the phone and charger to your travel currency and camera, you're going to want to save plenty of room in your hand luggage for these valuables and entertainment. Make sure you take an appropriate plug adaptor for your destination, and download some of your favourite films or TV shows to watch on the flight if you have a long journey.

Picking up a phrase book or travel guide to the country you're visiting will prove invaluable in helping you to find your way around and impress the locals with your lingo – or at least try.

And don't forget to charge everything!

The list goes on. Only you know exactly what you like to travel with for personal needs.

Aside from the necessary items above ask yourself this. What do i need on a daily basis?


1) Do I need my medication?

2) Did I call the pet sitter?

3) Did I call the baby sitter?

4) Should I just get house sitter?

These tips will help to make your journey more comfortable, and also come in handy once you arrive. Save money (and single-use plastic) by taking your own refillable water bottle that you can fill up after passing through security, and don't forget your sunglasses if you're travelling somewhere hot.


1) Change of clothes for the journey

2) Nappies/ underwear

3) Wet wipes

4) Snacks and enough baby food/ milk for the journey

5) Medication

6) Dummies or comforters

7) Toys, games or books

8) Clothes

9) Sun hat

However long you plan on vacationing, try not to pack too much!

Bedsides if you pack too much there wont be enough room for the new items you plan on buying when you go shopping!


If you're considering going backpacking alone or just fancy some 'me' time on a short getaway, there are a few things you should consider before travelling on your own, as it's a completely different experience to going with a friend. Here are nine top tips to ensure you get the most out of your travels...


Travelling alone may be your opportunity to get away and escape from it all, it's still worth providing friends and family with a copy of your itinerary to let them know your flight times, hotel reservations and a rough guide to your plans while you're there. Not only will it give them peace of mind, it will also allow them to be able to get in touch should they need to.

-Carry a list of emergency contact numbers

- Do your research and only book accommodations with good reviews.


Perhaps you've always fancied learning to dive or taking a local cooking class but they'd rather spend the day lounging by the pool - now is your chance! Not only will you tick something off your bucket list, but you'll have even more exciting stories to tell your friends when you're home, too.

-Keep a travel Journal and take lots of photos.

-Be an early bird.

-Stay somewhere with free Wi-Fi or get a portable wifi hotspot.

-Meet new people.

Don't take silly risks!

While you want to open yourself up to new experiences and adventures during your solo travels, it's also important to stay in control and don't take silly risks. Stay on your guard and avoid getting into potentially dangerous situations.

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